Congratulations to our

2020 APASWFL Scholarship Awadees

It was a banner year for the APASWFL Scholarship, receiving over 20 applicants and awarding 15 outstanding Asian-American Seniors in Southwest Florida. Due to the Covid-19 CDC restrictions, all school assemblies and awards night were cancelled.  However, we creatively scheduled 3 separate days and locations to accomplish the Annual APASWFL Scholarship Awards according to the CDC guidelines. 


On May 13, 2020 at the Mercato Events Lawn 3:30-6:30pm, we awarded the following: Dustin Heinduc Luu (Vietnamese/First Baptist Academy), Andrew Becker (Vietnamese/Barron Collier HS), Richard Qian (Chinese/Barron Collier HS), Vivian Rose Guite (Chinese/Naples HS), Jillian Hammel (Chinese/Gulf Coast HS) & Margaret Kahl (Chinese/Gulf Coast HS). It started off with blue sky but as we approached halfway through our scheduled awards, it was turning orange & dark.  Fortunately we completed our awards before the smoke from 8,250-acre brush fire in Golden Gate reached the area. 


On May 14, 2020 10:am-12:30pm at the Cape Coral Residence, we awarded the following students from Cape Coral HS; Zhoucai Ni (Chinese), Hankyeol Yang (South Korean), Kimmie Balch (Vietnamese), Tan Hollman (Indonesian) & Isabella Fe Ico (Filipino).  We appreciated the comforts of being indoors and continued to abide with the CDC guidelines.


On May 15, 2020 at the Gulf Coast Town Center Courtyard, we awarded the following students; Thang Le (Vietnamese/Estero HS), Shion Simms (Japanese/Estero HS), David Pham (Vietnamese/Dunbar HS) & Ilise Mcateer (Hmong/Riverdale HS).  It was a breezy day and Mother Nature was truly kind to spared us from the rain.


APASWFL would like to send a shout out of "THANK YOU" to all who attended and participated at the 2020 AsiaFest at the Alliance for the Arts on February 8, 2020. Especially to our 2020 MS ASIAFEST, Ngan Nguyen who is our ambassadress of Asian grace, knowledge and culture.  We truly appreciate our program advertisers, donors, sponsors and volunteers.  And our sincere thanks to our business partners; Mercato, Paradise Smoothies, AZN Azian Cuisine, OFF the Hook Comedy Club, Eat Sarap, Atomy, Laugh-in Comedy Cafe, Cultural Heritage Center of SWFL, Mapalus Kawanua Florida, BellyDance & Hula Connection of SWFL to name a few.  All have greatly contributed to the APASWFL Scholarship Funds.


Congratulations to all our APASWFL Scholarship Awardees!  We would like to thank you and your family & friends who joined us. Thank you to the Dedicated APASWFL Scholarship Committee; Cynthia Roemisch, Merline Mayo, Candy Fantaci, Lois Feng, Rei Collins & Chris Mollitor. Thank you very much to Jim Wolff for his unwavering photographs.

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